Once you’ve entered your Freshsales domain and API key, you will be directed to the Configure Freshsales page.

Info card in Freshchat

The info card appears in Freshchat during a conversation if the lead matches the fields you’ve set up.  It has four 4 categories - Lead, Contact, Account and Deal. You can add upto a maximum of 5 fields in each category.



Once you set up the fields you want in your info card, hit Save changes.  This is how it appears in the Info card while you chat with a lead.

Freshchat-Freshsales integration-while chatting.png

Update in Freshsales

Click the Update in Freshsales tab, and turn the toggle on to automatically add chats to your respective leads at the end of a conversation. The chats will be added automatically to matching leads in Freshsales.

What happens if there are no matching leads in Freshsales

If your Freshsales account does not have a lead that matches all the fields you have set, a new lead will be automatically created at the end of a conversation along with the field values you have provided.