If your website is hosted on WordPress, here is how you setup the Freshchat widget.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard, select Plugins -> Add New

  2. Type in header and footer in the Search box, look out for the option which shows up as Header and Footer Scripts. If you don’t find the option, install the plugin from here.

  3. Click Install Now and activate the plugin.

Wordpress plugin - installing the plugin, header and footer.png

4. Go to your Settings and select Header and Footer Scripts in the list.

5. Copy and paste your Freshchat installation snippet code in the box which says Scripts in footer. Hit save once you are done.

Wprdpress plugin - Installation snippet .png

You can find the Installation snippet code inside Freshchat in two easy steps.

  1. Login to Freshchat as an Owner

  2. Click on the Settings icon in the navigation bar and the snippet that needs to be added to your website can be found in your settings as seen in the screenshot below.

Installation Snippet.png