Browser notifications alert you about new chats when you’re working on another tab. These alerts will make sure that you don’t miss any chats. You will receive notifications for:

  • Incoming chats 

Enable browser notifications - incoming chat

  • Messages from an existing conversation 

Enable browser notifications  - message existing conversation

  • Chats transferred to you from users in your team 

Enable browser notifications -  to accept a transfer chat

Here is how you enable browser notifications:

When you receive an incoming chat, your browser displays a pop-up. Click ‘’Allow” to enable notifications. 

Enable browser notifications - browser displays a pop-up

Change the pop-up settings in your browser to “Always allow on this site”.

Enable browser notifications  - change pop-up settings

Here is how you proactively enable notifications on Google ChromeSafari and Firefox.

Clicking on the notification redirects to Freshchat and you can start or resume a conversation. If it is a transferred chat, you can choose to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ inside Freshchat.