Responding to your missed/offline messages is a must if you want to engage with your visitors and improve customer relationships. You can respond to unanswered messages by initiating a chat with the visitor if they are still online or you can send an email from within Freshchat. 

Initiate a chat with the visitor

If an unanswered chat has a green chat bubble next to the name, that means the visitor is still online. You can click on the bubble to initiate a conversation. This is the best way of closing the loop, as sending an email and waiting for the visitor to respond usually takes much longer.

Responding to unanswered messages - Initiating chats

Reply by email from Freshchat

If the visitor is offline, you can send them an email based on the information collected pre-conversation. Click on an unanswered chat to see the visitor profile. Clicking on the Send email option at the bottom will open up an email template with some pre-populated information.