Targeted messages enables you to automatically start conversations with people on your website based on certain rules. The Freshchat widget will pop-up with a on your visitor’s website with a custom message if the conditions in the rules that you set are satisfied.

You can set these rules based on certain cues to gauge if the visitor is interested. For example time on the site is a great indicator of interest. If the visitor is looking around the pricing page for sometime, perhaps he is trying to make a decision and it’s best to offer some help at this point. The rule can also be set to tie-in to your business goals or be a continuation of a campaign. If you are running a Facebook campaign then set a rule with if referral is Facebook then offer a 10% discount.

There are two types of rules that you can set in Freshchat

Web Based  


Referrer URL  

Current page (On your website)

Time Based

Time on your website

Here is how you set rules for targeted messages

  • Login to Freshchat as an owner 
  • Got to settings 
  • Targeted messages  
  • New Rule   

Targeted Messages

If the conditions one or all the conditions are satisfied (based on what you choose) then a custom message will pop-up in the visitor’s website.

Please note that the targeted messages will be triggered only if your team is online.