The flow of default messages displayed in the interactive widget when the team is busy or away can be customized.  Go to Settings > Default messages > Missed/Offline


When the users on your team are busy or unable to join a chat on time then the interactive widget can interact with visitors on your behalf and get the necessary details so that the users can respond to them at a later point.



Messages from visitors can be collected from the visitor even when your team is away with the interactive widget. You can collect the message, the contact details if it’s not already available, and even send out a thank you message to complete the interaction.

The Freshchat widget can be customized to change once everyone on the team has marked themselves as away, or has shut their devices when they are done for the day. Please note that the Offline messages will be displayed only if everyone in your the team is away. Even if one user on the team is active, then the offline messages will not be displayed.