The default messages that are displayed in the Freshchat widget in every stage of the conversation can be customized. You can preview the flow of messages in the settings and save them once you are done.

To customize the messages go to  

  • Settings 
  • Select default messages  
  • Go to Active


Greet the visitor automatically with a welcome message as soon they open the Freshchat widget. The header can also have a custom message.

Get context  

Get details about the visitor even before the user joins the conversation. This way with the information obtained in the pre-conversation flow, the interaction with the customer can be more personalized.

To read more about the pre-conversation flow click here.

Put on hold  

Display a message to the visitor when the user is taking longer than a minute to join the conversation after the chat has been accepted.

Thank you

The Thank you message will be displayed when the user or visitor ends the conversation.