The Freshchat widget can be completely customized to suit your website. You can see a preview of the changes inside Freshchat. Once you make the changes and hit save it will be reflected in your Freshchat widget immediately.  

Here is how you can customize the Freshchat widget

  • Login to your Freshchat account as an owner 
  • Go to settings on the navigation bar  
  • Click on the Appearance in the settings menu

Colour and position  

Make sure that you pick a colour that will stand out on your website, and position the Freshchat widget is a way that it does not cover any essential information on your website.

  • Choose a colour from the header colour palette 
  • Choose a colour from the font colour palette. 
  • Choose whether you would like the window in the bottom right or left of the website 
  • Window Offset lets you set the distance between the chat window and left/right end of the screen (based on the position of the window)  

Choose between Window bar and a minimalistic icon  

The “be minimalistic” toggle option, allows you to choose between a window bar and minimalistic icon. The toggle option can be found in the Appearance menu in the settings.

The window bar can display a short message and an icon.

The minimalistic icon will display only the icon.

Customize icon with your logo or image  

The icon can be customized to display a logo, image or a common profile picture for the company. Here's an example:

Customize your Freshchat widget with the friendliest face on your team to be more personal.

If you would like to retain this custom icon even during conversations and have the brand name in the header, then tick the ‘Have conversations in your brand name’ option. If this option is unchecked then during conversations the icon displayed will change to the user’s profile picture, once the conversation starts.